Periplaneta americana – Cockroach


Periplaneta americana cockroach

The Periplaneta americana, better known as the American cockroach, is a large cockroach, 38 mm in length, with fully developed reddish brown wings; it flies short distances. It is the largest of the common peridomestic cockroaches. Indoors, they are found in warm areas with high humidity — boiler rooms, basements, sewers or around drains and pipes. They are more common in large commercial buildings, infesting food-storage and preparation areas. The American cockroach has spread throughout the world by commerce. The American cockroach is rarely found in houses, however infestations can occur after heavy rain.

We deliver Periplaneta americana in he following forms:

  • Extract of whole bodies (vials of 10mg, 100mg or 1gr) Whole body extracted and dialysed to obtain a highly concentrated extract.
  • Whole bodies (vial of 1gr) Freeze dried whole body of a cockroach, crushed and sieved resulting in a light brown powder.

The advantages of our material

  • Defined allergen source material, we deliver our material with extensive information about the amount of allergens in our material so you really can tell what you are using for your application.
  • Large batches, we produce in large batches so we can deliver from the same batch over a longer period of time. This means you are assured of the same material and consistency. If you are using our material and you are satisfied with it you can even place a reservation of a specific lot so you will receive the same material in the future.
  • Freeze-dried, our material will be delivered in freeze-dried form (lyophilization) to assure a long shelf life and can easily be used to reach targeted dilutions.
  • Available in different sizes such as 10 mg, 100 mg and 1 gram (specific sizes can be delivered on request).

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Additional information

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Extract – 1 gr (1 vial), Extract – 10 mg (1 vial), Extract – 100 mg (1 vial), Whole culture – 1 gr (1 vial)

Available vials

We deliver Blattella germanica in the following forms:

  • Extract of whole bodies (vials of 10mg, 50mg or 1gr) Whole body extracted and dialysed to obtain a highly concentrated extract.
  • We also have B. germanica available in the following form: B. germanica whole bodies.


Our Blattella germanica (B. germanica) allergen source material can be used for applications such as:

  • As a diagnostic marker
  • Investigate the development of cockroach allergy
  • Develop a therapy against cockroach allergy


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