Alternaria alternata


Alternaria alternata mold (fungi)

Alternaria alternata belongs to the Pleosporaceae family. Alternaria spores can reach levels of thousands of spores per cubic meter of air in temperate areas from spring to fall. 70% of mold-allergic patients have IgE reactivity to Alternaria. A. alternata spores are especially high in the outdoor air during summertime. Alternaria alternata is an important allergen with mycelial fragments and airborne spores, these characteristics are accountable for the allergic symptoms in human with rhinitis, bronchial asthma or skin diseases.

The freeze dried medium can be used for detection of IgE antibody in serum. The purity of the medium contains the highest amount of Alt a 1, the major allergen of Alternaria alternata. Citeq produces moulds with shaking incubation. The product is the result of filtration of the mycelium and spores. This filtrated medium is concentrated, dialysed and freeze-dried. With this method the freeze dried medium contains only products produced by the moulds. It contains no medium and no spores. Due to concentration and dialysis there is a high amount of proteins in the product available.

Read more about dissolving the medium extract on this page. On this page we report on the solubility of lyophilized Alternaria alternata medium extract.

We deliver Alternaria alternata in the following form:

  • Medium (vial of 10mg) The medium of the mould extracted, the mould feeds on this medium.

The advantages of our material

  • Defined allergen source material, we deliver our material with extensive information about the amount of allergens in our material so you really can tell what you are using for your application.
  • Large batches, we produce in large batches so we can deliver from the same batch over a longer period of time. This means you are assured of the same material and consistency. If you are using our material and you are satisfied with it you can even place a reservation of a specific lot so you will receive the same material in the future.
  • Freeze-dried, our material will be delivered in freeze-dried form (lyophilization) to assure a long shelf life and can easily be used to reach targeted dilutions.
  • Available in different sizes such as 10 mg, 100 mg and 1 gram (specific sizes can be delivered on request).

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Additional information

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Medium – 10 mg (1 vial)

Available vials

We deliver Alternaria alternata in the following forms:

  • Mycelium (vial of 10mg) The mould spores, also called mycelium, separated from the medium.
  • Medium (vial of 10mg) The medium of the mould extracted, the mould feeds on this medium.
  • Mycelium extract (vial of 10mg) Mycelium extracted and dialysed to obtain a highly concentrated extract.


Our Alternaria alternata (A. alternata) allergen source material can be used for applications such as:

  • As a diagnostic marker
  • Induce allergy in an animal model