ELISA Coating Stabilizer


ELISA Coating Stabilizer

The ELISA coating stabilizer is a ready to use solution for stabilizing ELISA plates after you have coated the plate with antibodies. The coating stabilizer is easy to apply will ensure that the plates remain stable for up to 8 months at 2-8 C without significant loss of signal. This will allow you to prepare your ELISA plate while keeping it stable and ready for use at a later moment.

An enzyme-linked immunosorbent (ELISA) assay requires at least 2 hours of set-up for coating the antibodies and blocking the plate. Pre-coated ELISA plates are usually more expensive and not always available. Also, when not using an entire kit at once the coating and blocking steps will have to be performed multiple times. With the coating stabilizer you will avoid this and save at least two hours per assay.

One vial of ELISA coating stabilizer contains enough material to stabilize one 96-Wells plate. Included with the stabilizer are plastic sealing films used to seal your plates. These will keep out moisture and prevent contamination for extra stability during storage. The coating stabilizer is an optional product for our ELISA kits but we highly recommend it when performing ELISA experiments.

Application instructions

The ELISA coating stabilizer is developed to stabilize antibodies and antigens after attachment to the surface of microwells for use in ELISA. After the addition of blocking agent, wash the contents of ELISA microwells and add a sufficient volume of ELISA Coating Stabilizer to each well of the microplate. Let it rest for 30 minutes at room temperature. Aspirate contents of each well and allow the plate to dry. Store appropriately so you can use the plate at a later moment. This buffer contains phosphate buffered saline and proprietary reagents to stabilize and preserve ELISA plates.  This buffer is a proprietary combination of stabilizers and preservatives that is azide and mercury free.

Storage instructions

Store the ELISA coating stabilizer at 4┬░ C before opening. Protect from moisture and light.


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