D. pteronyssinus extract with low endotoxin

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D. pteronyssinus extract low endotoxin

Besides our regular D. pteronyssinus HDM extract we can also deliver this extract with a low level of endotoxin. We have this extract available in vials of 10 mg (freeze-dried form). Please contact us for more information and pricing. Click here for an example of the certificate of analysis of this product.

Level of endotoxin

The level of endotoxin is caused by the medium which is used for the production/ cultivation of the mites. In our production process we do not add any proteins. The only compound we use in our products which is not strictly from mites is the medium where the mites feed on. This medium contains an absolute low number of non-mite proteins. We try to cultivate the mites with the lowest amount of bacteria and moulds possible. All of our products will be delivered with a certificate of analysis and the level of endotoxin.

For the use in an allergic asthma animal model a certain level of endotoxin is needed. But for the use in cell cultures a endotoxin free (or very low) extract is needed.

Comparing allergens

Interested in our products but not sure how they compare to what you might be used to using or to each other? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will personally guide you through a comparison to find the best fit for your needs. You can e-mail info@citeq.com, ask Thom Weitenberg on Researchgate via a quick chat message or call us on +31 (0)50 3137464.

We can provide detailed information regarding our products and help you understand how to put it to use for your work. For example see our explanation on comparing protein content measured by BCA and Bradford protein assays by clicking here.