Biotinylated house dust mites


Biotinylated house dust mites

The unique biotinylated Der p 1 extract was developed especially for research and diagnostic groups. Biotinylated-Der p 1 can be used to detect specific antibodies in serum of animal models and/or patients. For example, in animal models, with detecting specific Der p 1 antibodies it can be shown that the animal is correctly immunized, or that the animal reacts on the treatment (an in- or decrease of levels of specific antibodies). When in patients the specific Der p 1-antibodies are detected it shows high levels of specific Der p 1-antibodies which indicates that the patient has house dust mite allergy.

During biotinylation biotin is attached to macromolecules or proteins. Biotinylated proteins can, due to the high specifity of biotin-avidin interaction, be used to detect and/ or purify proteins. Citeq has developed house dust mite related biotinylated proteins. These biotinylated proteins include D. pteronyssinus (HDM) extract and the natural purified Der p 1 protein and Der p 2 protein. Biotinylated proteins can be applicated in many protein assays. These protein assays include for example western blot analysis, fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)/ flow cytometry and enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA).

One vial contains enough material for 2 ELISA plates.

Freeze-dried, our material will be delivered in freeze-dried form (lyophilization) to assure a long shelf life and can easily be used to reach targeted dilutions. No animal or human components, our mites are cultivated on defined media without any animal or human components.

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Bio-D. pteronyssinus (1 vial), Bio-Der p 1 (1 vial), Bio-Der p 2 (1 vial)

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