Antibody reconstitution buffer

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When performing immunoassays the condition of the antibodies used is an important determinant in the accuracy of the assay. Storage can have a major impact on the viability of antibodies especially after reconstitution. Freeze thaw cycles can damage antibodies requiring preservatives to store them at lower temperatures while temperatures below freezing require anti-microbial additives to safeguard their viability. As not every assay requires an entire vial of antibodies a solution had to me made that ensured antibodies remained easily available for use while at the same time not jeopardizing their viability.

Our Antibody Reconstitution Buffer is a ready to use buffer for the reconstitution of freeze dried antibodies. The product is especially well suited for use in combination with our ELISA kits. The buffer allows storage of reconstituted antibodies at temperatures of -20°C without the formation of ice crystals, preventing freeze-thaw damage. The low temperature prevents the need for preservatives to inhibit microbial growth and stability for up to three months is guaranteed.  The Antibody Reconstitution Buffer is sold as either a single vial or a pack of 4.

This product is intended for research purposes only.

Product content

1 / 4 vials of ready to use Antibody Reconstitution Buffer + user manual

Storage instructions

Upon arrival store at -20°C