Storage Mites

Traditionally Citeq has cultivated 8 species of acarid storage mites (stored product mites) in the families Acaridae, Glycphagidae and Pyroglyphidae. We can deliver the following storage mites: Blomia tropicalis, Acarus Siro, Glycyphagus domesticusLepidoglyphus destructor, Tyrophagus putrescentiae. Please contact us for the possibilities and prices.

Stored product mites are arachnoids and are present in stored food like dried fruits, flour and cereal products. Besides that they can also be found outdoors within hay and straw. The most common species are Blomia tropicalis, Acarus Siro, Glycyphagus domesticus and Lepidoglyphus destructor. Storage mites are a possible cause of allergic disorders and mostly present among agriculture population. Storage mites can also adapt their feeding to house dust. Therefore, they can also cause allergy in more urban areas where the mites life indoor.

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