Biotinylated Material

During biotinylation biotin is attached to macromolecules or proteins. Biotinylated proteins can, due to the high specifity of biotin-avidin interaction, be used to detect and/ or purify proteins. Citeq has developed house dust mite related biotinylated proteins. These biotinylated proteins include D. pteronyssinus (HDM) extract and the natural purified Der p 1 protein and Der p 2 protein. Biotinylated proteins can be applicated in many protein assays. These protein assays include for example western blot analysis, fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)/ flow cytometry and enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA).

On this page you can read more about biotinylation and the protocol for our biotinylated proteins.

Please click on the type of biotinylated material that you are interested in for more information. Looking for one of our other allergens in biotinylated form? Let us know and this can be arranged for you.


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