Goat anti-mouse antibodies

Together with our biotinylated HDM allergen products, antibodies can be used to quantify HDM allergen specific IgE/ IgG1/ IgG2a antibodies in mouse serum using an ELISA method. The antibody can be coated on an ELISA plate and act as a capture antibody to immobilize serum IgE/ IgG1/ IgG2a antibodies. In the next step biotinylated HDM allergens are added to facilitate the detection of HDM allergen specific antibodies of the IgE/ IgG1/ IgG2a isotype. Using a reference serum or by comparing multiple sera the HDM allergen specific antibodies can be (relatively) quantified.

A perfect way for researchers, who are working on allergic asthma research with mouse models, to determine whether immunizations of mice with house dust mite (HDM) have been successful by looking at the amount of specific antibodies against HDM proteins in the serum of mice.

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