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Allergen source material for Diagnostics

Most of the allergen source producers deliver house dust mite extracts which are undefined. In order to have an accurate allergy diagnosis it is important to know whether the patient has an allergic reaction to house dust mites allergens or to the additives. Our defined allergen source material will be delivered with extensive information about the amount of allergens in our material. The reliability of diagnostic allergy tests can be improved considerably by using defined material and the allergy diagnosis will be more accurate. Besides the house dust mites we can also deliver other source materials such as molds, cockroach, wasp and bee venom. We are able to produce large batches so we can deliver from the same lot number over a longer period of time. This way you are assured of the same material and consistency. Please let us know how we can support you!

Available allergen source material

We have the following materials available for diagnostics. We do our best to meet all of your requirements so please let us know what you find important so we can deliver the best material available.

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