Hymenoptera venom source material

Hymenoptera consist of different families, including the families Apidae and Vespidae. Three species which are very important in the context of venom allergies are Vespula vulgaris (the common wasp), Vespula germanica (german wasp) and Apis mellifera (honey bee). Stings of Hymenoptera occur very frequently. 0.3-7.5% of the population, worldwide, suffer from venom allergy. When humans, with a venom allergy, get stung they will suffer from severe local reactions, systemic symptoms. Atopic humans will suffer from an anaphylactic schock after a sting. In central Europe, 30-40% of the human with a venom allergy have an allergy for both, bee and wasp, venoms.

Supplier of Hymenoptera venom extracts

Our main focus is the production of mites, insects and their allergens. Our founders and leading scientists have pharmaceutical, biological and biochemical backgrounds. With over 25 years of experience and an extensive knowledge about mites and insects Citeq is more than just a supplier of allergen source material. We strive for an academic collaboration with our customers in order to achieve the best possible results in research, diagnostics and immunotherapy.

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Certificate of analysis

Each product will be delivered with a certificate of analysis. The certificate of analysis provides information, e.g. allergenic pattern, protein content (BCA and Bradford method), endotoxin level, protein pattern and protease activity. On this page you can find an an example of this certificate. If you want to receive a certificate of analysis before ordering please let us know. We shall send you the certificates of multiple batches so you can compare the batches and choose the batch that meets your requirements.

Large batches

We understand that if you are using source material which is fulfilling your wishes you would like to receive the same material again for future projects. To provide material from the same batch over a longer period of time we produce large batches. This way we have we a lot of material available from a specific batch. You can even place a reservation for future orders.

Worldwide shipping

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