Supplier of allergen products

Citeq specializes in the production of mite and insect products. Our strength lies in the control of the whole chain, from cultivation to purification. We allergen products of house dust mites and storage mites but also insect allergens such as bee/ wasp venom and cockroaches. The most popular form is the regular extract but we can also deliver whole cultures, purified allergens, excrements and mite bodies. Our products are used by researchers and diagnostic companies all over the world.

In our production process we do not add any proteins. The only compound we use in our products which is not strictly from mites is the medium where the mites feed on. This medium contains an absolute low number of non-mite proteins. We try to cultivate the mites with the lowest amount of bacteria and moulds possible. All our mite products contain the native proteins, with no denaturing treatments during production and purification.

We have the following products available, please contact us for the prices and availability.