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We produce natural allergens of mites, insects and moulds for professionals in the field of allergy and asthma. The cultivation technique we use leads to high concentrations of the major allergens, resulting in strong raw materials, whole cultures, extracts and purified major allergens.

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Mycoplasma and House Dust Mites; the tiny troublesome duo

HDM extracts are made from natural animal material which opens up the possibility for different kinds of bacteria to be present in them from the mite of origin.  Autoclaving is not possible with mite extracts as this negatively impact the product and although filtering over a 0,22μm filter does diminish bacterial and fungal contamination it does nothing against one bacterial genus called Mycoplasma.

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What are Endotoxins (LPS)

Endotoxin, also referred to as Lipopolysacharides (LPS), is the major component of the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria and is released upon disintegration of the intact bacteria (Gorbet et al, 2004). This can occur either through growth, division, cell death,...

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Buffers containing phosphoric ions

In short: Buffers using phosphates, such as the commonly used phosphate buffered saline (PBS), are frequently used in biochemical research. When your intentions is to freeze a product for long-term storage, we advise against using a phosphate buffer but suggest using...

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Comparison HDM batches

On this page we present all of the data we have available for our D. pteronyssinus house dust mite extract and the D. farinae HDM extract. We have compared our available batches with each other and we have also performed a stability study over the last 5 years. Based...

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Stability HDM extracts

We have performed stability studies to see if our HDM (house dust mite) extracts such as the D. pteronyssinus extract and D. farinae extracts are still stable. We collected data over the course of 5 years and the conclusion is that the HDM extracts are still within...

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Influence COVID-19 on service Citeq

INFLUENCE CORONAVIRUS ON ORDERS Unfortunately there is no escaping it. The corona virus is spreading rapidly around the world and is also affecting the deliveries of orders. That is why we want to keep you informed about the status and the effect on the delivery of...

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Our guarantee


Our material will be delivered in freeze-dried (lyophilized) form in different sizes so you always have the right amount available and you are assured of stable material.

Worldwide delivery

Our products are used by researchers and diagnostic companies all over the world. We ship our products with FedEx to your country of choice.



Because of our quality system we produce high quality allergen extracts. Our products will be delivered with a certificate that specifies the amount of allergens, level of endotoxin and much more.

Large batches

We produce large batches so you are assured of material from the same batch over a longer period of time. You can even make a reservation for material from a specific lot.