We produce insect and mould allergens for professionals in the field of allergy and asthma. Our main speciality is the production of house dust mites (HDMs) and their allergens. The cultivation technique we use leads to high concentrations of the major allergens, resulting in strong raw materials, extracts in several grades of purity, and very pure major allergens. We have the following products available:

Freeze-dried form

Our material will be delivered in freeze-dried (lyophilized) form in different sizes so you always have the right amount available and you are assured of stable material.

Defined material

Because of our quality system we produce high quality allergen extracts. Our material will be delivered with a certificate that specifies the amount of allergens.

Large batches

We produce large batches so you are assured of material from the same batch over a longer period of time. You can even make a reservation for material from a specific lot.

Research support

We can also provide you with information about the protocols and methods of analysis which are used by researchers worldwide. We are more than just a source material producer.

What they say about us

Dealing with Citeq is more of an academic collaboration than a supplier customer relationship. They are always happy to open and frank discussions  and willingly answer questions on preparation methodology and extract composition. I cannot recommend Citeq highly enough to researchers in the field of allergy and inflammation.

Imperial College London

For years we have been using the allergen source material of Citeq and we are really satisfied with the consistency and reliability. We did a survey of mite suppliers worldwide and our results show Citeq is the best by far.

Allergen immunotherapy company

We are really satisfied with the source material produced by Citeq. We are using many different source materials for the development of our products and they always meet our high standards. Besides just being a supplier Citeq provides a very high level of service which results in a constant improvement of our relation.

citeq diagnostics

Medical diagnostic company

Last posts

Titration of the concentration HDM

In a recent experiment sensitized and non-sensitized mice (Female, 6-8 week old BALB/c mice) were compared in their response to 3 intranasal challenges with concentrations of 1µg, 5 µg and 25 µg protein. This experiment was performed with Citeq D. pteronyssinus extract.

House dust mite induced asthma models

Often we receive questions about house dust mite (HDM) induced asthma models. Which models are researchers using, which model do we recommend, what are the differences? We have contacted multiple research institutes and collected their models and background information. On this page a selection of these models.

Protocol for biotinylation

Biotinylation is the process of attaching biotin to proteins and other macromolecule. Biotinylated proteins can, due to the high specifity of biotin-avidin interaction, be used for the detection/ labelling of specific antibodies against allergens in the serum of animal models and/ or humans.

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